The Good God Sees not.

After you have toiled, put in all you have and built such a great edifice that will be mistaken for a palace and only for God to reject it like the offering of Cain. Yes God rejects so called good works that many will applaud per our standard.

A great error that we often commit is to run around keeping ourselves so busy to convince all around us that we have a great zeal for the Lord and his work. Unfortunately, God often does not see it as such.

The Big Question is this; has God specifically intructed you to do what you are doing ? Else, despite your good work, God calls you rebellious.

Isaiah 30:1-5NLT

What sorrow awaits my rebellious children,”

says the Lord.

“You make plans that are contrary to mine.

You make alliances not directed by my Spirit,

thus piling up your sins.

2 For without consulting me,

you have gone down to Egypt for help.

You have put your trust in Pharaoh’s protection.

You have tried to hide in his shade.

Are you led by the Holy Spirit?

Only those led by the Spirit are the real children of God according to Romans 8:14.

All good looking stuffs you do in the name of God without the leading of his Spirit brings God no honour. Hence it only feeds man’s ego to make him/her more proud.

Men will praise and celebrate your acheivement but God will refer to it as “dead work”.

Therefore, when God gives you an assignment, do not rush immediately to do it in your strength. Remember to wait for his leading first. This will save you from a whole lot of unnecessary troubles.

God bless you.

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